Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Scared of #aliens ? They are there, right here on our planet!

By: Masood Rezvi[1]
No, you guessed it wrong!

I am not going to tell you about a personal experience of a UFO sighting. The aliens will not be coming from deep outer space to ruin us, but they will ruin the Earth and go. They are right here!
They are not humanoid in appearance; they are full-fledged humans, members of our own species, the Homo sapiens, fulfilling all scientific criteria for being classified as members of the human species having a set of fully functional 44 + XX or 44 + XY chromosomes, one of the ABO, Rh+ or Rh- blood groups and proteins fully identical to those that we have in our bodies. They will not come from outer space to rob us and plunder the earthlings for the benefit of the dwellers of the planet on which they were born. They were born on this very planet and are plundering it. In a century or so, if we have to believe many of the scientists, including none else but Stephen Hawking, their excesses would push the globe to the sixth mass extinction, which according to the scientists will not be anything less in severity than the previous five cataclysms that the planet faced, and the process for which has already set in - irreversibly -according to many of these scientists.

They are the 1% of the human population controlling 50% of world wealth.[2]

It is not that they are unaware of all these scientific warnings; they are fully aware, more aware than me or you; aware but not worried, not ready to mend heir ways. They are not worried because they have another plan in place. They plan to fly off to some other colony in space, while the remainder of the humanity will be left down on this planet to face the slow and painful extinction from the effects of a heated toxic atmosphere and aquifers, and depleted ozone layer and oxygen level in the air.
And let me tell you especially for the benefit of those who still doubt organic evolution and always put their favourite question to me “Tell me if humans and present-day chimpanzees evolved from something like chimps, why something else is not evolving from humans?”;  that according to the overwhelming majority of - rather all of - the mainstream biologists, there was a common ancestor species from which two lines of progeny diverged, one finally becoming humans and the other chimps; once again – the future prospective aliens think – two lines will diverge from present day humans, one leaving the Earth, which I prefer to call Homo machiavellius, because of their high score on the Mach scale[3], and the other that will be left down on Earth to rot, the Homo gaius (Gaia being mythological personification of mother Earth). These two species will be that ‘something else’ which will evolve from humans; provided of course, that the cataclysm does not overtake and destroy us all, much before this dream of some, and nightmare of others materialises, as prophesied by all the major religious scriptures! Those of you, who have studied life sciences even up to the twelfth standard with some seriousness, must be able to remember that for organic evolution to take place three conditions become necessary - genetic divergence, mating barrier and the selection pressure. I am not sure how much the personality trait Mach is influenced genetically,   but supposing that its expression is controlled to a significant degree by a set of genes in human genome, we can easily say that the prospective aliens the progenitors of the species Homo machiavellius and the majority of the remaining humans are genetically divergent as far as concentration of Mach genes is concerned in the two populations, and perhaps that is why the high Mach about 1% of world population, have been able to push through the surface of normal humanity a slim protuberance, almost as high as the rest, on top of  the economic pyramid forming its extremely thin but elongated top, controlling 50% of economic resources on the globe. Once they fly off to another planet as has been reportedly suggested by Stephen Hawking in an article Abandon Earth—Or Face Extinction on bigthink,[4] The requisite mating barrier between them and the poor Earthlings will stabilise giving them even higher concentration of Mach genes and other such traits which will help them prosper to some future time horizon, while the earthlings will, if at all they survive, slowly degrade to something more like a chimpanzee, than like the present-day middle-class humans.

When I first propounded this idea in my book Tightening Noose of Poverty[5] last year it was said that I did so at the expense of a blurred boundary between fiction and theory[6] but unfortunately at that time I was completely unaware that none else but Hawking did suggest the imminent cataclysm and that the only way for humans to survive it was to settle some independent colonies in the space. He is reported to have said that "It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million. The human race shouldn't have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet. Let's hope we can avoid dropping the basket until we have spread the load.”[7]

What he did not say was, who among the present day humans will be able to avail themselves of such a luxury of survival, and which others will be doomed. Of course, that is not an aspect which might interest a theoretical physicist but is of great concern to a socio-economist.  It has been reported that only 1% of the world population controls 50% of the wealth today, and the other 99% is having access to the remaining 50% only, and the gap has sharply increased in the recent past. If we plot the wealth as percent of total global wealth on the vertical axis of a graph and the percent world population having access to it the picture that emerges will be as under

Figure 1 50% of world wealth controlled by 1% of population

The same picture becomes even more striking if we see it in the form of the economic pyramid or wealth pyramid:

Figure 2 In the middle on the top of the pyramid encircled in red is the thin 1% population controlling 50% of the world wealth, other 99% form the base of the pyramid

A plain inspection of the picture is enough to tell that the portion encircled in red is an unhealthy outgrowth sucking-in life and nutrients from the area below it, and if this process is not halted it will result in the death of the entire system. It is not one pyramid. It rather looks like the pyramid of super-rich standing on the grave of humanity.

Now, reverting back to the thought of the ominous day when some humans move out of plant Earth to settle somewhere else, perhaps not much logic is required to prove that only those encircled in red will have the access to the technology to travel to any such safe destination(s) away from Earth, and will take along with them, most of the remaining assets on this planet. The remaining humans, not encircled in figure 2 with red, to which I and perhaps you too belong, will remain poorer and much more helpless than ever before in an extremely dangerous environment on Earth!
In my book Tightening Noose of Poverty,[8] I tried to explain this eventuality with the help of the following diagram.

Figure 3 Formation of Homo machiavellius and Homo gaius

If hundred years down the line, the nightmare comes true I will not be alive to witness it. You will also perhaps be dead before that, but the baby that you are expecting next year or her baby will be there. So, either ensure your ascent to the peak of the Machiavellians or try to correct the situation before it is too late.

The decision is yours but the time to decide is too short, much shorter than you might be thinking.

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